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We are a traditional, independent, fundamental Baptist Church!

Park Avenue Baptist Church was founded as Ebenezer Bible Baptist in 1973 by Ed Nicholson, who pastored until he resigned in 1988. Originally, the church was located on Grove Ave, in Washington, but later moved to it's current location on Park Avenue. Then in the early 2000, the church changed it's name to Park Avenue Baptist Church. In 1990, the church hired Pastor Larry Leonard who served the church faithfully for 32 years. As of January 9, 2022 Pastor Daniel Leonard, who served as assistant pastor for 14 years at PABC, was hired as the senior pastor.

Humble Beginnings

Park Avenue Baptist Church believes that Jesus Christ should be the center of the church, our homes and our lives. Some ministries focus on the programs, music, fine arts or other things as a means of attracting people to the church. Jesus said that if "the son of man be lifted up" he would "draw all men unto" himself (John 12:32). Putting Christ as the center of the church, our homes and our lives gives is a foundation that we can stand on when the world crumbles around us.

The Vision

Park Avenue Baptist Church Believes in faith that is Bible-based, not based upon man's wisdom or ideas. We believe that by adhering to the Word of God, anyone can experience the Abundant Life that Jesus spoke of in John 10:10. Our goal is to help you experience that in your life, just as members of our church have experienced it.

Faith & Family

​The church has gone through profound changes throughout the years. In 1983, the main auditorium was added onto the existing building. Today, the old auditorium serves as the main fellowship hall. Many renovations have been completed to beautify the building over the years. Pastor Leonard believes that everything, including God's house, should be decent and orderly.

Changing Times

Park Avenue Baptist Church longs to be a beacon of hope in a world of confusion and heartache. Our youth and adult ministries are designed to help you and your family navigate the difficult waters of life. You will find the messages and Sunday schools uplifting and helpful.

Beacon of Hope

We believe in good, Godly fellowship. P.A.B.C. provides an atmosphere of friendliness and love, and promotes peace and forgiveness.  We provide a safe atmosphere for children and parents by screening current and prospective workers. We long to be a family of fellowship to all who come through our doors.


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