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Our Ministries

Below you'll find a list of provided ministries. We have a variety of ministries to help you with all your spiritual needs. 

Services We Offer

Bus Ministry 

Since 1991 Park Avenue Baptist Church has provided a bus ministry to Washington, Pa and its surrounding neighborhoods. Thanks to the goodwill of GG&C bus company, we are able to drive a 40 passenger bus into town. Let us know if you would like to come to church and need a ride, and we'll schedule a time to pick you up. 

Children's Sunday School

Park Avenue Baptist Church offers Sunday School to all children ages 5 years thru 12th grade. Each lesson is tailored made to fit each specific age group. Age and grade groups include: 4-5yrs & Kindergarten,

1-3 grade girls and boys classes,

4-6 grade girls and boys classes,

7-12 grade girls and boys classes. 

Young couples class

Led by Pastor Daniel Leonard, this Sunday School class focuses on the spiritual needs and challenges facing young couples who have been newly married, or have young children. The young couples group also periodically has outings and get-togethers specifically for them. 

Teen Sunday School 

Teen girls are taught by Mrs. Becky Leonard. Her lessons are both insightful and directed towards teenagers specifically. Teen boys are taught by Brother Gary Haines. He has been teaching the boys class for many years and loves doing so. 

Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School class is taught by Mark Culley. His lessons are generally focused on an in depth study of God's word for older adults. He has been a tremendous teacher during his time here at Park Avenue Baptist Church.

King's Kids

King's Kids is a program on Wednesday nights directed and tailor made for children grades 1-6. During this time kids will learn Bible verses, have a Bible lesson from one of their teachers, and play a game to round of the night. 


Other Activities

Park Avenue Baptist Church also offers other fellowship and ministry opportunities.


"Two fellows in the same ship with the same purpose."

Throughout the year, Park Avenue Baptist church hosts a number of various picnics and fellowships. Fellowships include "5th Sunday fellowships," Memorial Day Picnic, 4th of July Picnic, hay ride, and other various events. 


A Heart to Serve

If you would like to be a part of the ministry service, talk to us. Not just anyone is suited to serve in all areas of ministry, but there are multiple opportunities to get involved. Vacation Bible School, helping in the kitchen, or involvements in general maintanance and upkeep, are great ways to get familiar with the ministy. Note: anyone interested in working with children will need to pass a background clearance.

Class Activites

For young couples

The young couples class holds periodical fellowships hosted by various members of the class. If you and your spouse are newly married or have young children, you are invited to get more acquainted during our Sunday School class hour.

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